Report 5 - Northern Michigan to Canada

sexy wrestler.JPG
sexy wrestler
for the mods.JPG
for the mods
Jack and Lew fitting the panniers.JPG
Jack and Lew fitting the panniers
moto morini, only one.JPG
moto morini, only one
the spider.JPG
the spider
3 Sisters.JPG
3 Sisters
all these old hippies.JPG
all these old hippies
Blissfest poster.JPG
Blissfest poster
fire jugglers.JPG
fire jugglers
lampstands, Blissfest.JPG
lampstands, Blissfest
Amish visitors Mac Isle.JPG
Amish visitors Mac Isle
and the kitchen sink.JPG
and the kitchen sink
and the other half..Mac Isle.JPG
and the other half..Mac Isle
at sugarloaf Mac Isle.JPG
at sugarloaf Mac Isle
be aware!.JPG
be aware!
beach hut, Mac Isle.JPG
beach hut, Mac Isle
Blissfest groupies!.JPG
Blissfest groupies!
british landing mackilnac island.JPG
british landing mackilnac island
fiddling workshop.JPG
fiddling workshop
Is this a Sherpa.JPG
Is this a Sherpa
kriby with sound gear.JPG
kriby with sound gear
Maeve Gilchrist.JPG
Maeve Gilchrist
poison ivy.JPG
poison ivy
sea shore Mac ilse.JPG
sea shore Mac ilse
So easy I can do it with my eyes closed.JPG
So easy I can do it with my eyes closed
the arch mackinac island.JPG
the arch mackinac island
the golfer.JPG
the golfer
daisies mackinac island.JPG
daisies mackinac island
Firing the guns Fort Mackinac.JPG
Firing the guns Fort Mackinac
foxgloves, mackinac island.JPG
foxgloves, mackinac island
John Hiatt.JPG
John Hiatt
kirby at Legs Inn.JPG
kirby at Legs Inn
toilet picture elderley instrements.JPG
toilet picture elderley instrements

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